Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planet Earth Response

In class the other day, we watched some behind the scenes footage of the making of Planet Earth. Planet Earth is a documentary series by the Discovery Channel, and it never fails to amaze me.  The images that are produced within the films are stunning.  I like that they show how beautiful our earth really is.  I think that this is something that many people forget, and while being nothing compared to how those things look in real life, the high-quality, HD images are awesome. They show wonderful creatures and plants that we may never see otherwise.   I think it is interesting that the people who create the footage work so hard to capture the images. They truly believe in what they are doing and make sure that the footage is shot to the best of their ability. They battle through bad weather and dangerous locations without blinking an eye.  They also wait for long periods of time to get the shots of the animals that they want.  They are so dedicated to creating these films that they go to extremes to get the right shots.  They also have people working who invent techniques and equipment that can be used to film hard-to-get shots without doing too much damage to the environment.  The footage obviously has underlying implications that we have to preserve our earth, but they do this in such a different way.  Instead of showing images of parts of our planet that have been destroyed, they show images of things that we should be protecting. 

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