Monday, April 23, 2012

Mt. Davis Make-up Post

Due to a frustrating combination of anxiety and acid reflux – I missed another trip.  This time I missed the one to Mt. Davis – Pennsylvania’s highest point.  I’m somewhat disappointed in missing another trip – although I’ve lived in PA my whole life, I haven’t traveled it much!  This is my post to make-up for the missed trip.  These images were taken as a second set of “urban nature” photos, though they don’t really seem like it.  They were all taken in Point State Park.  The images don’t really have much “urban” to them, except for their close proximity to downtown Pittsburgh.  The day was grey and rainy (as usual, If I need to take pictures, the sun usually flees!), but I think they came out alright.  We’ve been so fortunate with weather that spring seems to have sprung a tad early. There was a lot of green, and trees and plants with blossoms and buds on them.  There was even a lot of bee’s buzzing around!  These were shot the 3rd of April, so I was surprised that there were so many bugs out – it seems too early! Hopefully they don’t freeze in the supposed snowstorm they keep predicting! I wasn’t really aiming for anything important when I shot these, as I was just tagging along with friends who needed these for other assignments.  I was just shooting what seemed to look good.  Hope you enjoy them!

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