Monday, April 23, 2012

Abandoned Turnpike

For our last trip of the year, we went to the Abandoned Turnpike.  Apparently, Pennsylvania built a nice chunk of road – a couple miles, 3 tunnels, and then decided they wanted to go a different way.  The result: a post-apocalyptic stretch of road abandoned and overgrown. (And covered with profane graffiti…)  The Turnpike was pretty cool, kinda creepy though.  On the roads, it was a little lackluster in photo opportunities – Similar to the turnpike.  There’s nothing really around.  There are a lot of cool things in and around the tunnels though, of course the issue there is that tunnels are dark….really, really dark.  So anyway, I got some nice shots of butterflies as there were a million honeysuckle bushes everywhere.  I learned pretty quickly though, that butterflies are extremely skittish and do not want you closer than 10 feet!  I found a lot of tent worm nests too.  They’re kinda creepy little guys, I don’t like how their nests look like spider webs.  There was definitely a lot of “urban” nature out here.  Nature has started to reclaim its land in the past 50 years and there are plenty of plants growing out of the roads. It’s doesn’t seem like those roads will last for much longer.  The tunnels don’t have as much nature, but they’d be pretty interesting to see in another 50 years!

I have no idea what Laura was doing in this photo but her silhouette looks crazy.  Her heads on the left and an arm is raised to the right. Weird!

Hello, ISO 12800, your look horrible noisy.  On the other hand, YAY Sparklers! Not sure what the orbs are floating above each though.  Ghosts in the tunnel....Or a probably a lens malfunction. 

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