Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeup Post 2: Cross Creek

This post is to make-up for the trip I missed at Ohiopyle.  For this assignment, I went to Cross Creek for the day.  My family all went with me and we made a fishing trip out of it.  When we got to the main entrance of the park, the place seemed pretty crowded so we went to another entrance my dad knew of.  It was a pretty cool place covering the best of all worlds.  There was water, obviously, along with a wooded area, and a field area.  There was a lot going on and I had a bit of a tougher time focusing on the small things with so much to see, which wasn’t good because I never like them afterwards and they never make the cut during the editing process!  I really enjoyed taking a day off and relaxing while taking some photos of an area that I don’t visit too frequently.  I should really go there more often, as it’s not too far from my house.   I would like to go back to Cross Creek in the summer when everything is lush and green and there isn’t so much brown.  I had a good time photographing a little frog I found, since except for my pets, I don’t get to shoot wild animals since they’re so skittish.  This little guy let me get so up in his face, you’d think he was used to having giant humans put lenses in his face!

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