Monday, March 19, 2012

Makeup Post 1: Home Sweet Home

This post is to make up one of the earlier trips I missed to Trough Creek.  After everyone posting about their homes last week since many were there for spring break, I realized how instrumental my home was to my desire for creative photography.  The first nature shots I ever seriously took were most likely in my back yard.  It’s obviously a place I visit often yet I always seem to find different things to take pictures of, and rarely do 2 photos ever look the same.  It’s always bursting with some kind of different life, from flowers that we planted years ago that have cross-pollinated into strange new blooms, to the future forest of fruit trees my father planted, and even to the garden that’s always full to the top with raspberries and tomatoes in the summer.  On top of that there are the weird weeds that occur naturally, and of course, my pets.  Though I still haven’t fully fleshed out my reasoning behind photographing the little things, I find myself shooting them.  There something driving me to do it and hopefully I’ll be able to put that into words for you all soon.  Until then, enjoy these shots!

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