Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frankfort Mineral Springs

This week in nature photography we headed up to Raccoon Creek State Park.  I’ve been to Raccoon before, but never to the little patch we visited, which was the Frankfort Mineral Springs.  It’s an impressive little place where the creek turns into a waterfall and water leaks out of the rock all over the cave area. We really lucked out on weather for this trip.  It’s the end of January yet it was like 50 and sunny!  Some clouds took over by the time we made it to our location, but it was still so much nicer then the windy, cold, trip we had last semester. I love water and this was a perfect place to photograph it.  I like to do long exposures to get that soft, motion effect.  I don’t have a tripod but luckily I made due with just setting my camera up on flat areas and propping it up with a roll of duct tape.  I think the images came out well and I’m still so surprised that there are all these secret little places of beauty in Pennsylvania. 
 Weird textures formed by water running out of the rock. I love the color.

I like how green everything still was, even in mid January.

 I loved the combination of the old ice laying around with the running water.
 This ice had such a neat texture on it.
 In the old rock walls around, there were some secret little windows that showed the falls.
 I love the way long exposures make water look.
 I really liked how clear and still this little pool was while everything around it was moving.
 The falls themselves.  They're rather beautiful. 

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