Monday, April 28, 2014

Video Production Portfolio

Video Project 1:  The Labs & Nic Cage
This is a really fancy video establish 2 different settings and a deep love for Nicholas Cage.
I assisted in designing and filming this and edited the whole thing. 

Video Project 2: Interrogation
This shows 2 people having a discussion about where they were and what they bought.
I acted, filmed and edited this film.

Video Project 3:  Freedom Of Speech
This is an obscene and terrible PSA about the freedom of speech.  
I was the videographer and editor for this. 

Video Project 4: Trax Farms
This is a not so terrible video about Trax Farms & their All From Scratch craft show. 
I was the director, videographer and editor.

Final Video: The Dog Hunter
This is a short mockumentary style TV show about the "Dog Hunter" finding a wild "Chi-Russel"
I was the director, videographer, talent, and editor. 

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